BFCM Marketing: Your Email Popup Strategy To Get More Conversions And Sales

BFCM Marketing: Your Email Popup Strategy To Get More Conversions And Sales

One of the most effective ways to grab your visitor’s attention is with an email popup. So while planning out your BFCM marketing strategy, you also need to optimize your popup for more conversions. After all, every store out there is going to be offering competitive deals, so you need to be sure that every visit counts!

So in this article, we’re sharing a BFCM email popup strategy with you to that maximizes your conversions during the sale.

The email popup strategy for BFCM marketing

1. Create hype around the upcoming deals 

Not every visitor turns into a customer. Some are just out there exploring deals – especially when BFCM is around the corner. They know that certain brands will be offering discounts and are exploring all options.

So instead of waiting for the last minute, include an ‘awareness’ campaign in your email popup strategy.

Change your messaging to reflect the biggest discount that is coming up during BFCM or the brands that will be included. It gives your visitors something to look forward to and their curiosity has them converting on your email popup in no time.

bfcm marketing - countdown gamification

2. Use an eye-catching design 

Yes, the conventional-looking email popups work. But when the BFCM deals are unmatched by those that you offer through the year, your strategy should include making them ‘look’ special too!

Design an email popup that is sure to convert. Make sure the color of the popup stands out from the rest of your site design during this period. Use a font color, type, and size that further makes people want to engage with the email popup. Format your popup copy well to make sure the message is easily consumable.

3. Link to a dedicated landing page for BFCM deals 

Your email popup will do the job of capturing the visitor’s attention. But if it isn’t easy for shoppers to find the products that are on discount during the BFCM sale, you’re not going to be able to turn them into customers.

That’s why you need a dedicated landing page for your BFCM deals.

This landing page should list down all the discounts available as well as the products that are on sale. You can further help the shopper to filter them out based on categories and more. The easier you make it for the shopper to find products, the higher are your chances of converting them.

bfcm marketing - landing page

4. Countdown to the BFCM sale 

As time comes close, change your BFCM marketing strategy on the email popup. You should now focus on increasing the FOMO in visitors – so much so that they don’t leave your site without at least signing up for your newsletter or for notifications on when the sale goes live.

You can create a simple countdown to BFCM by changing the popup copy. Let them know that their favorite brands are going to available on a huge discount in just a week’s time.

A good email popup strategy here would be to promise these visitors that you will be notifying them of the live discounts first. The more exclusive they feel about the discounts, the higher are the conversions you’ll be seeing.

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5. Gamify the BFCM deals 

Typically, an email popup promises to share the discount coupons in lieu of their email address. But that’s a strategy you’ve been using for ages, all through the year. Let’s change it for BFCM marketing!

Gamify your email popup with WooHoo. Nudge visitors to participate in a game like the reel of coupons, spin the wheel, a game of cards or picking a gift. They’ll need to share their email address to participate and win the ‘biggest’ discounts for BFCM. Such a gamified experience with your store will make the visitor more likely to shop from you.

spin the wheel - bfcm marketing - email popup strategy

While your shoppers win discounts, you get to grow your email list. This is surely a win-win situation for both parties during BFCM!

In fact, stores like Ikonick used a game of cards by WooHoo to engage their store visitors. The game actually resulted in them growing their email list 10x faster.

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6. Target the active shoppers on your store  

Typically, you’ll see email popups targeting every visitor on the store. Be it a new visitor or a returning one, the strategy is to be able to nudge them into sharing their contact details before they leave.

While the strategy of bombarding all the visitors works in most cases, BFCM marketing needs a little attention to detail – targeting those shoppers who are actually interested in making a purchase from your store.

Target your email popup at only the active shoppers. These are visitors who are actively browsing your site looking for products and deals, or wishlisting items to buy during the BFCM sale.

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7. Re-engage the cart abandoners 

The average cart abandonment rate is 69.75%. Imagine what this percentage goes up to when there are so many stores for a consumer to choose from. That’s why your BFCM marketing strategy needs to include re-engaging cart abandoners with an email popup.

Triggering the popup on detecting their exit intent, offer cart abandoners a special deal, discount or even free shipping on completing the purchase that very day. You can also use this opportunity to remind them that the deals are available only for a limited period of time or until stocks last.

Reinstating a little more FOMO at this stage can go a long way in getting more shoppers to complete their purchase before leaving.

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Turn more shoppers into customers during BFCM 

BFCM is the one time that consumers go all out with shopping. It’s the one time that even the smallest and the newest stores experience a peak in their traffic.

But, the problem or the challenge here is the ever-decreasing attention span of internet users. No matter what product they’re looking for, they have the choice of buying it from at least ten other stores.

So be it them subscribing to your newsletter through the popup or clicking through to explore the products in the BFCM sale, set up a pop-up strategy during the sale to nudge an interaction before your visitors leave your site or get distracted by a deal on a competing store.

Is your email popup strategy ready to turn BFCM deal shoppers into customers?

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