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7 Shopify Automation Campaigns You Absolutely Need

You’re consistently driving shoppers to your store using SEM campaigns. You’ve been successful at also turning most of them into subscribers with tactics like gamification before they leave. But what happens next? Do you wait for these shoppers to make a purchase in their own time? Do you nudge them a little? If you do, when exactly should you be making this nudge?

Too soon and they might find you spammy. Too late and you might lose their interest.

That’s where Shopify automation comes into play.

Must-have Shopify automation campaigns

1. Welcome messages 

You’ve just converted a shopper into a subscriber. Should you now wait until your weekly newsletter schedule to make the first interaction with them? No, that’s too late and you might just lose their interest in your products.

So automate welcome messages across the channel they choose to stay in touch with your store – email, web push or the Facebook Messenger. Simply dropping in a message to thank them for choosing your store or subscribing to your list can go a long way.

welcome shopify automation

A study by Experian suggests that welcome messages receive 5 times as many opens and 5 times as many clicks as the regular promotions being sent by online stores.


2. Cart recovery messages 

69% of carts are abandoned on an average; that’s more than half of your sales getting lost – unless you do something to recover them. While most stores will send in one reminder on email to recover these carts, their efforts stop right there. They’re not able to convert as many of these shoppers as they’d like to.

That’s why you should automate cart recovery campaigns and create drip messages on the email, web push, the Facebook Messenger and your retargeting ads. Remind shoppers of what they’ve left behind, how it’s a great deal and even offer a little discount to make the cart total suit their budget.

But remember, always create a sense of urgency in your cart recovery campaigns. You don’t want your shoppers to feel they have a lot of time at hand.


3. Price drop alerts 

Most online shoppers are price-sensitive. The only way to convert them is to offer a discount or let them know of price drops on products they’re interested in.

Set up an automation to send price drop alerts to shoppers who have the specific product either wishlisted, added to cart or have visited its product page more than once. Simply let them know of the savings they make on the product now and that it’s a time-sensitive offer.

price drop alerts

4. Back in stock notifications 

A lot of your subscribers don’t turn into customers because they don’t find the products they’re looking for. And the products they do like are out of stock. But who says you lose the opportunity to turn this shopper into a customer here?

Automate your back in stock notifications to show the shopper how you care about their preferences. Drive them back to the store by simply letting them know that their favorite products are back in stock, and to make the deal sweeter, offer them a special discount for waiting!

If it’s a fast-selling product, make sure your back in stock notifications are automated across multiple channels. Don’t just rely on an email!

5. Review and rating requests

Social proof can make or break a store’s sales. With people trusting people more than a brand’s promotional campaigns, it has become important to get reviews, ratings, and testimonials from your customers. But with so much going on while managing an online store, this sometimes takes the back seat.

But with Shopify automations, you can automate reviews and rating requests as well. Based on the number of times a shopper has made purchases on your store, you can gauge if they’re a happy customer.

Using this data, make sure you send them a quick request to review and rate your products. Apart from using web push, email and the Facebook Messenger for this, you can also automate on-site push notifications to remind them to review their last purchase.

You can also promote the reviews and ratings of your products to nudge new shoppers to make purchases.

review and rating shopify automation

6. Loyalty rewards 

If you record a shopper making more than a defined number of purchases, it’s time to seal the deal with them. They are making a conscious effort to make purchases from your brand; which means they’re happy with the products and discounts you offer.

Now before another store barges in with bigger discounts to grab their attention, hook them with a loyalty program.

Automate a campaign on email, Facebook Messenger and even web push to promote your loyalty program to these shoppers. Keep your message absolutely clear, highlighting what they gain by joining your community and don’t forget to send them occasional reminders till they do.

7. Referral promotion 

Word-of-mouth has become the most powerful way for a store to grow its customer base. But getting shoppers to actively participate in it can be challenging.

Despite a great offer being made to them and for their friends, sending out referrals doesn’t come as naturally as coming back to a store to make more purchases. That’s where Shopify automation comes into play.

You can automate emails, web push notifications, and Facebook Messenger campaigns to promote your referral program. Then you can further segment your list to send referral reminders to those who signed up but aren’t active; and nudges to those who haven’t.

Do you need Shopify automation? 

Whether you’re a new store or an established one, Shopify automations make sure you’re reaching shoppers at the right time with the right message.

Setting up these automations, you also save time to focus more on what matters the most – understanding your target shoppers and customers, and optimizing their journey with your brand.

But if that’s not enough, setting up marketing automations for your store can increase your revenue by 17%. And that’s exactly what you need in an ever-growing competitive market!

Have you tried Shopify automations for your store? What’s the one campaign you think is a must to automate for better customer engagement and more sales?