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5 Ways To Build Up Your Facebook Messenger List

Being in the eCommerce industry means that you are also in the list building business.

You already know that having an effective email list can substantially increase your business revenue.

What you may not know, is that building a Facebook messenger list which you can use for promoting your brand and your products, is a great untapped opportunity that you should definitely consider and take advantage for your eCommerce brand.

Facebook marketing messages sees some great open rates anywhere between 80-90% with 20-30% click-through rates (CTR) on average.

If you are familiar with the current email marketing state in terms of analytics, I guess you are already amazed with the data mentioned before.

Now that I (hopefully) convinced you about the importance of building a Facebook messenger list, let me give you 5 tips that will help you do so.

1. On-site Facebook messenger chat

Adding a live chat functionality to your online store can make you a little bit nervous and it’s completely understandable.

Some planning and smart tactics that I will share with you can turn the live chat into a powerful new stream of subscribers for your Facebook messenger list.

What is really cool about the live chat functionality is that whenever a visitor sends you a message, they are instantly subscribed to your list.

New subscribers are looking for you on autopilot! That’s great, isn’t it?

Regarding the smart tactics that I mentioned before:

  • There is no need to have the live chat available 24/7, you can easily enable it during the most peak hours of your website and when you will be able to provide customer service.
  • You can also customize how the live chat will look like based on your brand’s aesthetics so it will perfectly fit with your overall store design. Take for instance this Facebook messenger live chat design from Gunas, using Flashchat.The Gunas New York
  • Last, by using the live chat feature you will be able to identify which questions are asked the most and hence update your FAQs or shipping/refund/return policies.

2. Add to cart widget on your product page

You may have already seen this widget below the add to cart button on other online stores:

ATC widget

Or a simpler version like this one:

ATC Simple Widget

This is probably the most powerful way to increase the subscribers of your Facebook Messenger list.

A pro tip here is that the widget will perform much better in case you are able to offer some additional discount as an incentive.

Even if it’s an extra 5%, don’t think that it’s not that good of an incentive. Visitors will subscribe to claim their additional discount, it’s already tested believe me!

3. Add to cart popup

Another great tool which you can use to increase your Facebook messenger subscribers on autopilot is the Add to cart popup.

It will look like the one below and it’s a perfect tool to utilize for subscribing your frequent shoppers to your Facebook messenger list.

ATC Popup

Soon enough, you will have a substantial messenger list to promote your products with no additional effort.

The beauty of all the tools mentioned already is that they only utilize your existing traffic with no additional effort or resources required by you.

It is literally building a Facebook messenger list on autopilot.

4. Collecting emails and Facebook Messenger subscribers simultaneously

I guess that you already do have a popup used to collect emails from your existing traffic.

What if I told you that you can combine efforts and with the same popup that you are currently using for collecting emails you could also collect Facebook messenger subscribers.

If you use Privy and enable the integration with Flashchat then yes, this is absolutely possible and your popup will look like this.

Popup integration

Of course, the popup is fully customizable according to your needs.

Additionally, what’s pretty handy with this feature is that ONLY visitors who are already logged into their Facebook profile will be able to see the Facebook messenger subscribe option.

Otherwise, they will only see your regular popup asking for just their email.

This feature is pretty cool, in terms of conversion rates as users usually do avoid additional hassles and thus they would most likely bounce from logging into their Facebook profile which would lead to also lose the email lead.

5. Facebook Send Message Campaigns

Ok, now that we’ve covered all the free available tools which will help you increase your Facebook messenger subscribers, let me give you another pro tip which requires some additional resources.

It is called Facebook “send message” campaigns.

Even though Facebook is a gigantic advertising platform used from most of the online marketers, for some reason send message campaigns are underutilized.

Don’t make the same mistake with the majority of online entrepreneurs.

Send message campaigns can be powerful if executed properly.

Here’s a good example of a send message campaign. If you clicked the call to action button of this ad, you would be redirected to your messenger and asked to send a message to the page. Once you sent a message to the page you would be automatically added to its Facebook messenger list.

Facebook Send Message

Some ways to incentivize Facebook users click this type of ad and send you a message would be:

  • Running a giveaway campaign where you ask users to send you an “Interested” message for participating.
  • You can create a lead magnet and use it to attract users.
  • You can share an exclusive discount code and have them sent you a message in order to claim it.

These are some of the ways you can use to leverage Facebook send message campaigns for building up your Facebook messenger list.

You can definitely mix things up though and try other tactics as well, I trust your creativity 🙂

So, are you ready to step up your Facebook messenger marketing game and be serious about building up your list?

Facebook messenger marketing is an untapped opportunity with great potential for your online store. All you have to do is think strategically about building up your Facebook messenger list and utilizing with the proper way this list.

It’s time to utilize Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Let’s start building your Facebook messenger list on autopilot using Flashchat.

About the author

Vaios Gkitsas is the Founder & CEO of Flashchat, a Shopify app that allows you to convert your store visitors & your social audience into paying customers using Automated Messenger Conversations.

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