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How To Write A Popup Copy That Turns Shoppers Into Customers 

Popups are one of the most effective conversion tactics used by an online store. It’s the one way you can grab a shopper’s attention immediately. Be it when they land on your store or when they’re just about to leave it! But it all comes down to the strategy you use and a lot of it has to do with the pop-up copy that the shopper gets targeted with.

Every store is different. Every shopper is different. So how do you know what pop-up copy works for your store?

Pop-up copy tips for high conversions 

1. Use a hook to grab their attention 

Take this as the hero section of your store or a landing page. If you don’t hook the fleeing shopper’s attention with a bold statement or something that calls out to them, you’re going to lose your chance.

A good way to do this is to use an attention-grabbing heading and format/ design it in such a manner that it becomes hard to miss when the shopper sees the popup.

2. Keep your message crystal clear 

The attention span of internet users is dropping by the day. What used to be roughly a minute is not just seconds. So if your shopper is already leaving the store and you’re trying to grab their attention again, you need to convey your value proposition right away – and very clearly.

While adding a little personality to your copy is great, make sure your message is crystal clear. You need to highlight what you’re offering in the simplest words possible. No confusions needed!

Here’s how Unison highlights the offer of ‘free shipping’ on the popup. Pretty hard to miss that now, right?

popup copy - free shipping

3. Create a sense of urgency 

A typical online shopper has the option of making a purchase from at least ten stores. It’s not surprising when there are so many brands out there trying to sell the same or similar products with a different strategy, targeting the same set of people. It’s only normal for a shopper to explore other options and deals available to them.

That’s why your popup copy needs to create a sense of urgency. As it grabs the shopper’s attention, it should also nudge them a little to complete an action right away. Be it to subscribe or to complete a purchase, make sure you tell them what they will risk losing if they leave without completing the action.

Here’s an example – using the word ‘today’ makes the shopper feel the need to subscribe right away to avail the discount.

email copy - sense of urgency

4. Offer a clear call-to-action

The goal of a popup is to capture the shopper’s attention and drive them towards taking a desired action. You want them to either subscribe to your newsletters, share their email address to get a coupon for their purchase, use a coupon that the popup shows to complete the purchase they were thinking about abandoning or even engage them by showing popular products, etc. But your popup needs to have one goal and not overwhelm the shopper!

It is important that you also focus on your call-to-action copy. If you’re not sure your audience will understand something witty, stick to using the conventional ‘buy now’, ‘subscribe now’, etc. call-to-action text.

You want them to make an interaction with your store before they leave, and not get confused.

5. Instill a little gamification 

Gamification uses the elements of a game in marketing and conversion strategies. Herein, you let the shopper ‘win’ a discount, creating a positive stimulus that nudges them to make a purchase to celebrate that win.

For instance, when the shopper is seen spending a few minutes on the site or when they are just about to exit, throw in a game of cards. Tell them how this is their chance to win big discounts on the products they’re interested in.

Ikonick used the tactic above to capture 10x more shoppers and turn them into subscribers. But not just that, the store also saw an increase in their on-site engagement rate and a dipping exit/ bounce off rate, leading to more conversions, sales, and revenue. Read all about it here.

Ikonick increase shopify sales woohoo

And this isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With Shopify apps like WooHoo, creating a gamified popup takes only minutes. All you need to do is install the app, log in with your Shopify store, select the game you want to use to engage your shoppers, set up what the shopper will win out of the game and you’re all set!

What copy does your popup need? 

Your popup copy shouldn’t look like all you care about are your sales or building an email list. It should talk to the shopper and make them feel like a winner for interacting with your Shopify store’s brand.

While you constantly test the tone of your popup copy, don’t forget to also A/B test the timing at which you’re targeting the visitors. You don’t want to bombard them with the best of messages too soon or too late. Continually try to understand who the different types of shoppers are for your store, what and how they interact with to craft a popup strategy that converts higher.

What’s the best popup message you have seen so far?

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