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10 Best Shopify Apps That Are A Must-Have For More Sales

You have got your inventory in place and have set up your Shopify stores. Now before online shoppers start stepping in to explore your products and make purchases, it is time to equip yourself with the best Shopify apps. So that you can do more with each shopper’s visit!

We know there are over 2000+ Shopify apps in the market today. Going through what each one does can be a tedious task. You want to be sure of the app you choose for your store and at the same time, you want to do it soon. After all, your store is ready and you want to take your products to the market. So we decided to do some digging for you and found the best Shopify apps to get started with.

1. Plug in SEO

First things first. Shoppers look for products on search engines, so you want to be sure that you’re ranking for the right keywords. Now ensuring all your product pages and checkout are optimized for the search engine can be a daunting task. That’s where Plug in SEO comes in to check your store’s search-readiness and list down actionables accordingly.

plugin seo - best shopify apps

2. Shoelace

Not all visitors will turn into customers on their first visit; most of them will need you to give a little nudge once they leave the site. Shoelace enables you to set up retargeting ads that show up at the right time, to the right customer, on the right channel to drive them back to your store to make the purchase. The app uses automation along with insights from thousands of campaigns to create retargeting ads that convert.

best shopify apps - retargeting

3. Reconvert

This is one of the best Shopify apps when it comes to re-converting a shopper that just completed a purchase on your store. As we all know a repeat customer tends to buy more and has a higher average cart value than new customers. So instead of letting these shoppers walk away from the store post-purchase, Reconvert helps you set up optimized thank you pages that enable you to get more information about the shopper or even up-sell products based on their purchase.

reconvert - best shopify apps

4. WooHoo

Most online shoppers tend to get distracted by other offers and leave your store without even making a purchase. Why not make the first nudge to encourage interaction? WooHoo enables you to set up gamified email popups that ask the shopper to play a game to ‘win’ bigger discounts. Contrary to the conventional popups, these aim at hooking the shopper’s attention, engaging them first and then nudging them towards a purchase with the sense of achievement.


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5. Loox

Sometimes it’s not the distractions or competitive deals that take the shopper away. Sometimes they’re just skeptical about how good your products really are. That’s where reviews from existing customers come to serve as social proof and do the convincing for you. Loox enables you to collect product reviews with photos, and display them on your store for higher conversions.

best shopify apps - loox


Talking about repeat customers, it is important to give shoppers a reason to come back for more. And no, great products are not enough! Sometimes you need to take thanking them to a new level, by rewarding them for making purchases from your store. enables you to set up loyalty programs and harness the power of gift cards and store credit to increase retention and repeat sales.

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7. ReferralCandy

Continuing on ways to keep your existing customers engaged, the next strategy that you should be implementing on your store are referral programs. ReferralCandy is one of the best Shopify apps for creating referral campaigns that give your customers an incentive to invite their friends to your store. Since shoppers trust recommendations from their own friends and family, you get a higher number of sales from referral campaigns.

best shopify apps - referralcandy

8. Recart

Instead of sending emails that often get trashed or marked as spam, reach your shoppers where they are the most active – the Facebook Messenger. Recart helps you grow your Messenger audience and set up automated campaigns abandoned cart recovery, product review requests, sending order receipts, shipping notifications and even welcome messages, that keep the shopper engaged and coming back for more.

best shopify apps - recart

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9. PushOwl

Continuing on the best Shopify apps you need for when the shopper leaves your site without making a purchase, or if you want to re-engage them, are web push notifications by PushOwl. The app enables you to set up automated campaigns for cart recovery, discount notifications, product launches, shipping notifications, price drop alerts and much more. Delivered straight to the screen of the device a shopper is using, they’re hard to miss and get you more conversions!

best shopify apps - pushowl

10. SMSBump

Even if your store is optimized for conversions and you’re covering all digital grounds, there’s a still a chance you’re not re-engaging the shoppers who left. That’s where SMSBump comes in. It is one of the best Shopify apps that enable you to set up and automate text marketing campaigns at the right time to the right customer.

best shopify apps - smsbump

Choosing the best Shopify apps for your store

Every Shopify store has different needs while targeting different segments of the market. That’s why it is important that you choose the best Shopify apps based on the type of shoppers your store gets and what gets you the most number of conversions.

While the above list of best Shopify apps are a must-have for most stores, we recommend asking yourself a few questions before picking out the ones you need:

  • What is your end goal?
  • Who are your target shoppers (demographics)?
  • What is the typical purchase behavior (quality/ price-sensitive)?
  • How does the Shopify app help achieve your goal?
  • How easy is it to get started with?
  • What are other similar stores saying (reviews/ratings)?
  • Will the Shopify app be able to adapt to your changing needs?

Simply put, before you start using any one of the best Shopify apps, understand your store’s needs first.

What is the one Shopify app that you absolutely swear by to turn visitors into customers? We’d love to add it to this list.