5 new ways to use popups to increase Shopify sales

5 New Ways To Use Popups To Increase Shopify Sales

Popups have had a bad name in the eCommerce industry for simply being too intrusive and compromising the shopping experience a brand wants to offer. But the truth is, it’s the popup strategy that has been dead so far. Email popups by themselves are still an effective conversion strategy to turn visitors into subscribers and customers. All you need to do is use them at the right time and at the right place on your online store to increase Shopify sales.

Ways to use email popups to increase Shopify sales 

1. To welcome shoppers 

The very first way to use popups on your online store is to welcome shoppers. These are visitors who come either with an intent to just browse products or make a purchase – either way, you need to engage them while you still have their attention and convert them into at least subscribers.

Now the standard email popup offering a discount in lieu of the email address is no longer as effective in building an email list. So use a gamified popup instead.

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This popup’s goal is to engage this visitor as a welcome game, piquing their interest in what discounts they can win to avail at your store. And before they know it, they’ll subscribe to your list to get access to those offers.

Wondering why a gamified popup would work well here? Here’s everything you need to know.

2. At exit intent 

Every shopper has at least ten stores to choose from when making a purchase. They always want to explore the options they have – be it in terms of the products or the deals on those products. That’s why most of them are never in a hurry to complete a purchase from the store they are on.

But as we all know, once a shopper leaves your store, there is a high chance that they’re not coming back. So you’ve lost the chance of turning the shopper into a customer.

That’s where you can implement an exit intent popup. This popup strategy basically targets re-engaging the visitor who is about to leave your store without making a purchase. You can use this popup to either engage them with a game that turns them into a subscriber to win an additional discount on the purchase they want to make or offer a one-time, time-sensitive discount.

increase shopify sales exit intent

The fear of missing out on this time-sensitive deal is what will nudge the shopper into interacting with your popup to increase Shopify sales.

3. Before cart abandonment 

The average cart abandonment rate is hovering around 69.75% and is increasing by the year. The growing number of online stores, increasing competition for even the best of brands, are to be blamed. Shoppers today are making the effort of looking for products and adding them to their carts. But they leave without making the purchase.

That’s where you should implement a popup strategy on your checkout page. Here’s the popup needs to be fairly simple and straight. The idea is to get the shopper to purchase before leaving, so offering a time-sensitive discount is the best way to get them to convert.

cart abandonment popup - increase shopify sales

4. On product page abandonment 

A lot of the shoppers who visit your store simply search for and browse through product pages that interest them. They don’t go to the extent of wishlisting these items or adding them to the cart before they leave the store.

Now you may have retargeting ads following them after they leave your store. But what if you had a chance to re-engage this shopper even before they left? That’s where a popup on your product page comes into play.

You could use the popup to either share more information about the product, let them know of the limited stock available, offer a special discount on only that product or share a customer testimonial that will help them visualize the product better.

Here too, you can use a gamification campaign to hook them long enough to turn them into a shopper.

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5. When saying thank you 

Once a shopper completes the purchase, most stores have a thank you page in place. The thank you page is simply used to let them know of their order details like shipping and tracking, but not for converting them into a customer again. That’s another smart place to have your popup in place.

As the shopper is leaving the thank you page, use the opportunity to target them with a popup that recommends similar products. You could also use the opportunity to show them products that are popular amidst similar shoppers – this will not just improve your product discoverability, but also increase Shopify sales.

increase shopify sales - recommend

All we’re saying is….

Popups, when used strategically, can increase Shopify sales. All you need to think about is how you can make them more engaging and when you can target the shoppers on your site.

Interrupt them and you lose them.

Engage them and you win a customer.

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