Ways To Use Consumer Psychology To Increase Shopify Sales

Ways To Use Consumer Psychology To Increase Shopify Sales

Ever wondered what is it that really makes you want to go online and make a purchase? Ever wondered what your target shoppers are thinking when browsing through products on your store? Well, psychological triggers have a big role to play in every action we take – be it simply browsing through products, wishlisting them or even making a purchase. That’s why in this article, we are sharing a few ways you can use psychological and emotional triggers to increase Shopify sales.

Ways to use consumer psychology to increase Shopify sales

1. Showcase your uniqueness

Ever wondered that no matter how many products Apple launches in a year, the euphoria around the launch always keeps increasing? Customers keep standing in lines for hours just to be able to get their hands on the new product, even though they don’t come cheap. The reason being, Apple sells novelty.

They make the consumer feel owning their products is a privilege and it benefits them in a number of ways. As studies suggest, the feeling of novelty releases dopamine into our brain, making us feel positive about a purchase.

So go ahead, and use this psychological hack to promote your new products. Show the consumer why they need these products.

2. Share your story

The consumer market no longer responds to a price or feature list. They want to know more about the brand they are engaging with. Right from what their vision and mission is to how they approach their end consumers, they want to be able to know it all and feel like they can connect with it.

That’s where storytelling comes into play. When we see something inspiring or relatable, we instantly connect and engage with it. Take for instance that social media post you just liked and shared.

Instead of the usual product descriptions, go ahead and share the story behind each product.

Here’s how Reebok does it.

reebok example increase shopify sales

3. Create FOMO (fear of missing out)

The one thing that can make online shoppers respond almost immediately, is the fear of missing out on a good deal or a limited edition product. They want to be able to bag that deal or product before anyone else does, or before it runs out of stock. That’s why online stores should implement a sense of scarcity and urgency around their products by making offers time-sensitive, telling the shoppers that leaving without making the purchase might result in them missing the whole deal.

This psychological trigger is great for launching limited edition products, recovering carts, promoting new products or even getting visitors to turn their wishlisted items into purchases. So use it in web push notifications, emails, social media posts, and even your advertising campaigns.

Here’s an example of a web push notification sent using PushOwl, promoting a limited time sale.

fomo push notification

4. Promote your exclusivity

Similar to urgency, people want to be able to get their hands on exclusive items. They tend to feel special owning a product that others don’t or are available in limited stock. Some might call it a bit of show-off, but others call this a taste for good things in life.

Online stores should use this psychological trigger to promote their premium products. They should highlight the importance of owning the product, the features that make it stand out and how it will set the shopper apart when they own it.

You could also do this by promoting the product during a specific season only, making it available only in a specific area, hosting a special event for it or offering an exclusive discount on it.

5. Gamify your deals

Continuing on offering discounts, stop making it so easy for shoppers to avail them. Of course, you need to make them easily accessible, but make the experience of getting a coupon similar to them winning something valuable. That’s when they will realize the value of what you’re offering and how they might not find it on other stores even if they wait on making a purchase.

You can do this by replacing your email optins with gamified popups. Ask the shopper to complete a small action like toggling cards or spinning a wheel to uncover discounts they can avail. This will make them feel they stand a chance to win something bigger than the other shoppers coming to your store.

Here’s how Ikonick does it.

Ikonick increase shopify sales woohoo


The feeling is pretty much similar to how every time you beat a Candy Crush score set by your friend. Create your first gamified campaign to increase Shopify sales today!

6. Leverage social proof

93% of consumers trust recommendations coming from friends and family over promotional ads. They like to trust people like them who have used the product before and add their opinion to the buying decision they eventually make.

That’s why online stores need to leverage social proof. Be it adding reviews, ratings, and testimonials to their product pages or simply adding a live feed of user-generated content from platforms like Instagram, give the shopper every reason to feel the product you’re offering is worth the value.

Here’s Buy Swings showing off the ratings on their products.


7. Let in on your vision and mission

One of the smartest ways to increase Shopify sales is to create a loyal customer base. These are shoppers that don’t just come back for repeat purchases but also become brand advocates for your store in their circles.

But apart from a great shopping experience, you need to let the shopper in on your vision and mission. Share what you believe in and why, and what causes you are supporting. The number of shoppers that will simply make a purchase to contribute to the cause they relate with, will astonish you!

For example, the Levis water<less jeans was a huge hit amongst all their target age groups!

levis campaign increase shopify sales

8. Apply reciprocity

This is a psychological hack that online and offline stores have been using for years together. In this technique, the store offers something for free to engage a shopper and nudge them to make a purchase. It’s like promoting a movie trailer to hook the audience’s attention and get them to watch the movie once released.

In this case, you can offer free samples, trial-size items or send small gifts with the purchases a shopper makes. They are more likely to return for more and share positive feedback on channels like social media when you do little things that make them feel valued.

Understanding your shoppers to increase Shopify sales

The number one reason why retail store leaders like Amazon dive into consumer psychology, is to be able to understand their shoppers better. It is no longer just about what products they are looking for. It is about how they feel when they see those products and what happens after they have made the purchase.

The closer you are to making the shopper feel positively towards your brand, engaging their senses, the greater are the number of sales your store makes.

What is the one psychological hack you used to increase Shopify sales?