gamification to increase shopify sales

How To Implement Gamification To Increase Shopify Sales

The number of Shopify stores are growing by the day. A typical online shopper has at least five stores to choose from while making a purchase. If the competition wasn’t already enough, each of these stores are also using the same tactics to reach their target customers. Be it social media, email marketing or even advertising campaigns, everyone is doing everything. So what is the one thing you can do to make your strategy stand out and increase Shopify sales?

What is gamification, again?

While the term has picked up a lot when it comes to customer engagement, online marketers and business owners believe it is a tactic meant only for mobile apps. But what it simply means is putting typical elements of a game like a point scoring, winning and completing, to areas where a customer touch base is more likely. Take, for instance, your online store!

Gamification in marketing is targeted at driving higher customer engagement in times when the attention spans are reducing by the day. It follows the simple principle that when a customer is more engaged with your business, the higher are the conversions, sales, and revenue for your Shopify store.

How to implement gamification to increase Shopify sales?

You can increase Shopify sales with gamification in a number of ways, across different channels – starting right from your customer emails, social media, and even your website.

A successful gamification strategy includes:

  • A chance for the online shopper to win something (coupons, rewards, in-store cash, etc)
  • Nudges the shopper should to take a small action (spin a wheel, choose a card, add to wishlist, etc)
  • Gives the shopper a trigger to complete the purchase

Confused how you could do it all for your Shopify store?

Here are a few ways to implement gamification to increase Shopify sales across different channels.

Gamification to increase Shopify sales   

1. Gamified email popups

Every Shopify store has a pop up implemented to capture their visitors’ attention and promote ongoing deals. But why use the usual approach of offering a discount in turn for an email address? Give your popup strategy a twist by gamifying the experience of getting a coupon in lieu of email addresses and make it all the more engaging.

Swap the usual email popups like these:

conventional email pop up increase shopify sales

With smart gamified popups using WooHoo, like:

increase shopify sales with woohoo

And see how your Shopify store visitors start to spend more time on your site, engage with your brand and feel more compelled to avail offers in purchases.

2. Gamified rewards

Who says Shopify stores can only reward customers for making purchases. Instead of a transactional relationship, gamify rewards by breaking them down for completing smaller actions that help you understand the shopper better for optimizing marketing campaigns.

For instance, offer rewards for completing their account information, sharing their purchases on social media, following your brand on social media, creating wishlists or even simply celebrating their birthday with you!

rewards to increase shopify sales

3. Gamified web push notifications

No matter how good a deal you’re offering, online shoppers have a tendency to explore the options they have. They’ll check out other Shopify stores and even browse through affiliate and coupon sites to be able to bag a better deal.

Now instead of waiting for them to come back to your store, increase Shopify sales by sending in a quick web push notification with PushOwl that re-engages them. Instead of the usual ‘offer a discount to win a customer’, gamify the message – nudge them to complete an interesting action to win a coupon.

rewards to increase shopify sales

4. Gamified emails

Emails are still one of the most effective strategies for online stores to engage their customers and subscribers. But most Shopify stores wouldn’t go beyond the usually curated newsletters and transactional emails. While transactional emails still have higher conversion rates, the open rates on newsletters are dropping by the day.

So instead, add gamifying elements to your emails. Along with product recommendations, add a message about how they could win an additional discount on the purchase for completing a small action – reviewing a previous purchase, inviting their friends, etc.

email to increase shopify sales

5. Gamified social media

Social media is often just used for showcasing product images or sharing lookbooks and videos. But imagine your entire feed is filled with only product images from all the brands you’ve been following. You not only will start losing interest in the posts, but also not be able to remember which product was on which Shopify store.

Use social media to also gamify the shopper’s interaction with your brand. For instance, run a contest that nudges them to share their experience or pictures of the previous purchase. Offer them an additional discount that is hard to say no to when they win.

social media increase shopify sales

You won’t just boost your customer engagement rate, but also end up with unique user-generated content that increases the word of mouth promotion for your brand.

Is gamification for your Shopify store?

If you want to increase Shopify sales in a competitive market where it is becoming more about who has higher spending power, the answer is YES.

Gamification targets improving a shopper’s journey with your Shopify store by making interactions fun and adding value to the interaction at the same time. The engagement leaves a positive impression on the shopper, helping you build a better and stronger brand reputation, resulting in customer loyalty.

And as studies suggest, even 12-15% of loyal customers, can represent 55-70% of your Shopify store’s sales.

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